Imagine it… Fundraising through Recycling was established in 2002 with a heartwarming response from our community. Currently servicing over 2500 locations in the Upstate NY region, no company is too large or too small for the program. We have the logistical experience and sustainable reporting available to fit the needs of your business..

It is so easy!  Simply designate a school or non-profit to receive the funding, notify employees of program and Imagine it… will do all the rest for FREE!

  • FREE Detailed Recycling Reports / Donation Details
  • FREE Recycling Bins and Displays
  • FREE Employee Notification Materials
  • FREE Pickup and Logistical Support

In this ever changing electronic revolution Imagine it… offers a WIN WIN WIN solution concentrating on the most important component in our Sustainability efforts… REUSE!

Click here to start recycling now!