Each non-profit has unique fundraising goals. Together, we will customize our program to fit the needs of your organization. A variety of custom program materials, recycling displays, and on-going program support (including presentations and pickups) are all provided FREE. Contact us to get started today.

  • FREE Custom program materials. If you need flyers, or brochures, or tips on how to start your own recycling movement, we can help.
  • Recycling receptacles. We can drop off and pickup our boxes in your office. Click here for a full list of items we recycle.
  • Pickup and logistical support. Our drivers routinely pickup and drop off recycling receptacles.

Hundreds of organizations have signed up with Imagine It and you can watch video testimonials here.

“Fundraising through recycling is the BEST FUNDRAISING IDEA EVER! It’s EASY to make a real difference by keeping reusable items out of landfills and supporting our area’s non-profits. EVERYONE BENEFITS!”
 Carol R. Gravette | American Cancer Society

Spread the word and collect- Imagine it makes it EASY! Encourage family and friends to host a recycling receptacle at their place of business (or even a favorite coffee shop) and sign them up with Imagine it. We will ensure that your favorite business receives educational flyers, customizable materials, and free pickups. We can partner to work together to recycle and protect the environment while your organization also establishes sustainable funding. Yes, it’s that simple! Imagine it will do all of the work and your will organization receive the funding!

Contact us to get started today!