“Remember the childhood story about the girl who was said to spin straw into gold? Well, a woman in Rochester, NY has put together a happy-ending tale for used electronics that contains just a bit of that magic.  It is hard to match the convenience or the righteous feeling of knowing that an empty cartridge can truly be good to the last drop.”

Bob Olink |Greenopolis

Imagine it… was created in 2002 by founder and owner, Carlie M. Albano.  While volunteering for a local charity, she learned that recycling electronics offered great earning potential.  Sparked by her passion for local charities and protecting the environment, the idea of fundraising through recycling soon grew and Imagine It… was born.  Originally operating from Carlie’s garage, Imagine it… received a heart-warming response from the community, with over 600 businesses joining the program within the first 6 months.

Now servicing over 2600 locations in the Upstate New York Region from our 10,000 square foot warehouse, Carlie’s goal remains the same:  provide local charitable organizations with an ongoing funding stream while simultaneously focusing on the protection of the environment.  The tightening economy continues to encourage all purchasers to maximize the value of each of their buying decisions.  The use of compatible office equipment supplies is at an all time high. Re-manufactures continue to struggle to obtain the containers, cores, chips, and empties that enable their production line to expand to meet the ever changing needs of their customers.

Imagine it… supplies re-manufacturers with quality products at competitive pricing while successfully maintaining the heart of our business through charitable giving.  We have the experience to grow with the generosity of our community.   Imagine it… offers the perfect solution to both businesses and non-profits affected by the state of the economy, by providing a free and easy way to supply charities and schools with much needed funding as well as providing businesses with an outlet to recycle at no cost.  Each and every donation will make a difference in our community and our environment!